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Dr. Ryan B. Higgins


Having graduated from the prestigious University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in 2005, Dr. Higgins is up on the latest techniques and materials in dentistry. His undergraduate studies came from the University of the Pacific in Stockton where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology.

Dr. Higgins is certified by Invisalign® to treat minor tooth realignment and makes occasional appearances on CW 31’s Good Day Sacramento LIVE morning show to discuss the latest trends in dentistry. He holds memberships with the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Sacramento District Dental Society, Sacramento Valley Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and practices with the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Higgins also volunteers his time as a certified BLS and CPR instructor for the local dental society.

When Dr. Higgins is not in the office, he enjoys spending time outside and around the Folsom community with his family. His favorite activities are wakeboarding and riding around on the bike trails.

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our technologically advanced, ultra-modern dental office! I hope this web page will answer some questions you may have as well as give you an introduction to our office.

We strive to bring you a high level of service in a comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to educate and provide you with the best care possible. I will personally make sure all of your dental needs are addressed and that you are given the attention you need for your dental health.

I work hard to stay up on the latest advancements in dentistry with constant educational courses in all facets of dentistry including Cosmetic reconstruction and Implants. My passion is working with people to achieve not only a healthy smile, but an attractive smile as well.

One of my favorite aspects of dentistry is the ability to work with kids. Having kids of my own, I just love seeing children grow and learn, and I feel I play an important role in their health. I really am glad you have taken the time to check us out and hope to see you soon!

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At Higgins Family Dentistry, we can provide for your oral care needs, including:



WHAT IS CEREC? CEREC is short for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a sophisticated system that makes high quality, metal-free dental restorations...all in one visit! Developed in 1987, CEREC utilizes the latest 3D mapping technology to assist us in crafting your unique dental restoration (such as an inlay, crown or bridge) without taking impressions. Our onsite milling unit then builds your dental restoration while you wait...in your chair. Listen above to Dave Letterman experience at his dentist, which is sadly all-too-common; with CEREC, he would never have to do THAT again. And neither will you!


Dr. Higgins is proud to offer an esthetic option for straightening your teeth. Invisalign® is a patented system which uses a series of clear removable aligners which gradually move your teeth to the desired position without metal brackets or wires. Advantages of Invisalign® over conventional braces include the more appealing invisible appearance and the ability to remove them which makes it easy to clean your teeth after meals. The aligners are custom fit from a mold taken of your teeth so they are smooth in nature and are comfortable to wear with out any irritation to your gums.

The state of the art computer system will generate a before and after image of your teeth, allowing you to see your teeth straighten right before your eyes. After you are happy with the outcome of your computer generated smile, the aligners will be sent to our office and treatment will begin. Most treatment typically lasts between 5 to 14 months and anywhere between 10 to 25 aligners are used depending on the amount of movement needed.

Another great reason to start Invisalign® treatment is due to the ability to use the aligners as bleaching trays for whiter teeth. The first few aligners are designated for bleaching with professional strength bleach in order to have white teeth throughout your Invisalign® treatment and years to come. Also you can use your Invisalign® final aligner as a retainer to wear at night to maintain your new smile. Invisalign® will keep your record so if any aligners are lost or damaged a new set will be fabricated and shipped immediately.

Zoom® Advanced Power

If whitening your teeth is of interest to you, consider Zoom® bleaching. This advanced “laser” light activated system allows for a more concentrated bleaching mechanism to give you that white smile you’ve always wanted in about an hour.

The process is simple and starts with a quick removal of tarter and plaque from your from teeth so only your teeth are bleached. Upper and lower impressions are taken in order to fabricate custom bleaching trays for future “touch ups.” Your teeth will then be isolated from your gums with a soft block out material and several pieces of cotton. This is to prevent any reaction of soft tissue with the bleach. The light is then gently placed over your teeth in three 15 minute applications. After 45 min of bleaching a soothing aloe is placed on your lips and a dressing over you teeth to help prevent any post treatment sensitivity. A few simple care instructions are given and your off to enjoy you new whit

If you would like to make an appointment and are already a patient of record in our office or you are currently seeing another dentist on a regular basis, just call and will set up time which works best for you. If you have not seen a dentist in a while but are still interested in Zoom®, we first want to begin with an exam to determine a plan for your whiter smile.

Veneers/Extreme Makeovers

If you have ever seen the show Extreme Makeovers, then your probably familiar with the results of having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth. If you have crooked or stained front teeth you may want to consider this highly esthetic approach. If you desire a whiter smile, bleaching is first done in order to match the new whiter teeth with the porcelain. In most cases a very thin layer of tooth structure is re-contoured to fit the porcelain veneers. We only use the highest quality lab for fabrication of your veneers in order to assure you the most natural looking beautiful smile you have always wanted.

If your concerned about reducing tooth structure but still want veneers, ask about the option of prep-less veneers. An upper and lower impression is taken and the veneers are bonded directly to your existing teeth without the use of needles or the drill. This newer concept is completely reversible if desired results are not achieved.

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